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About Montana Apples

Montana apple growers know the winters may be long, but the apple crop is strong.  Since 1870 Montana has supported commercial apple orchards, the first of which was planted in the Bitterroot Valley south of Missoula.  Today, there are orchards across the state.

In partnership with Montana apple growers and cider makers, Montana State University's Western Agricultural Research Center (WARC) is developing new resources for apple growers to more successfully grow and deliver apple varieties of interest to local consumers and cider makers.  As part of a Specialty Crop Block Grant, WARC is establishing research trials to evaluate bitter apples for hard cider, assisting apple growers and cider makers with marketing their products to Montana consumers and providing needed educational tools and resources specific to Montana's climate.  Through this work, the apple industry will continue to grow, meeting the needs of communities across Montana for local foods.

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This project is funded through the generous support of the Montana Department of Agriculture and USDA's Specialty Crop Block Grant program.  Special thanks also to Western Cider Co., Montana Cider Works and Betterroot Cider and Spirits for the generous use of their photos on this site.

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